Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Accident by C.L.Taylor

The Blurb: 

A gripping psychological thriller about the deadly secrets your children can keep …
Sue Jackson has the perfect family but when her teenage daughter Charlotte deliberately steps in front of a bus and ends up in a coma she is forced to face a very dark reality.
Retracing her daughter’s steps she finds a horrifying entry in Charlotte’s diary and is forced to head deep into Charlotte’s private world. In her hunt for evidence, Sue begins to mistrust everyone close to her daughter and she’s forced to look further, into the depths of her own past.
Sue will do anything to protect her daughter. But what if she is the reason that Charlotte is in danger?

My review:

This truly is a gripping book that draws you in right from the start. We meet Sue who is Mum to Charlotte. Charlotte is in a coma and Sue is desperate to try and find out what happened and what she can do to try and help Charlotte to wake up.

The book centres on a journey through Sue's present as well as her past. It is extremely cleverly written with Sue's diary being used to tell the reader what happened to her in her younger years. The more you get into the book the deeper the past grips you, and makes you question what is happening. You see Sue's world unraveling and find yourself questioning what to believe and playing detective yourself.

The characters are very powerfully portrayed, it's hard to believe that this is a debut novel as it is so skilfully written. I found it very hard to put this book down. The chapters are short so you end up saying to your spell 'just one more' before realising that you have been absorbed for ages. I loved how this book captivated me and kept me guessing right up until the last chapter. If you like thrillers do make sure you read this book.

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  1. I loved this book! Read it in 2 days. :) SD