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Blog Tour - My Dream Cast for A Miracle at Macy's by Lynn Marie Hulsman

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I am delighted to be joined on my blog by Lyun Marie Hulsman, author of A Miracle at Macy's. I dont know about you, but when reading I spend alot of time trying to visualise who the characters resemble. Lynn Marie has shared with us who she dreams would play the characters in her new book if it hit Hollywood!

Have you read A Miracle at Macy's? We'd love to hear who would play your leading characters!

My Dream Cast for A Miracle at Macy’s

I think every author dreams of having her novels turned into Hollywood movies. I’ll freely admit that I do, and want to take this opportunity to shamelessly call attention to the fact that my latest, A Miracle at Macy’s, has everything it would take to be the Next Big Blockbuster Chick Flick: Romance, dogs, New York City, Christmas, fancy hotels, a world-famous department store. And once that happens, it could also go to Broadway, and feature a sweeping orchestral music score, with Santa’s sleigh flown in by Foy a la the helicopter in Miss Saigon. It could happen. If you’re going to dream big, you may as well go all the way, am I right?

As long as I’m dreaming big, allow me to suggest some casting to the director and my future partner in filmmaking. (I hope you’re listening Richard Curtis, or Tina Fey, or Paul Feig, or Lynn Shelton). Believe me, I’ve thought this through carefully and I see no reason why these actors would hesitate to sign on to embody the characters who have been written for them… literally. By me. Really, for them. Pro tip to you directors: Tell them that. I think it’ll seal the deal. And promise them specific-colored M&Ms in their trailers. I’ve heard actors like that.

Without further adieu, here are the people you should get on the horn to, and quick. Apparently top-name actors like to “plan” their “schedules” in “advance.” We don’t want to wind up shooting this thing with a handful of D-listers fresh from tired reality shows, or NYU students whose parents wanted them to go into finance but instead they’re doing a lot of improv guerrilla theater in DUMBO. We need names, people! Surely I’m not the only one here willing to get this off the ground, and give 110%, am I? Good. Because here goes:

In the role of Charlotte Bell: Kristen Wiig 

Kristen Wiig is a kooky as she is sincere. You don’t doubt that she leaves the house with spaghetti sauce on the front of her blouse. She’s not afraid to cry ugly. She’s today’s Meg Ryan, but with an edge. You wouldn’t be surprised to learn she was wearing bathing-suit bottoms as underwear on laundry day. Anyone could imagine her as a relative at Christmas dinner, though you’d be hard-pressed to say if she would be the relative who brought the Zabar’s cheesecake or the lentil-and-buckwheat salad. She’s a pretty mess, and we love her for it. I wish Kristen Wiig were my best friend. Maybe once we get this thing greenlighted, she and I will start hanging out. I can give her insight into Charlotte’s character while we get our nails done, and drink extra-hot Grande Mistos, because she will hate lukewarm coffee as much as I do. Try not to get annoyed when we’re giggling onset while sitting in our matching director’s chairs and you’re trying to shoot a quiet scene. We really can’t help it, because we’re sisters from another mister, and we really “get” each other.

Definitely Kristen Wiig. Can you please, please, please call her now? Like, right now? Because if you don’t, we might end up with that NYU grad student, and I’ll bet she’ll be a diva who’ll want to stay in her trailer so she won’t break character. I hate that. Kristen would never do that.

In the role of Henry Wentworth: Tom Mison

Because Oh Sweet Mother of All That Is Good and Holy would you please look at that photo? Has there ever been a more iconic example of an uptight Englishman whose shell you want to crack than this… gorgeous… specimen. I have to tell you, while I was writing A Miracle at Macy’s, I kept this photo open on my desktop and sometimes I’d jut go into a stupor during which I didn’t blink, and I think my heart rate reduced dramatically like those monks high in the Himalayan mountains who basically live on air and blend in so well with their environment that butterflies would land on them. That’s what this guy does to me.

And have you seen him on Sleepy Hollow? Oh, if he Ichabod-Craned himself into my living room through a fluke of time travel/a hole in the fabric of the universe,  I too would insist that he continue to wear tight high-cut breeches and waistcoats and frilly blouses, and I would never, ever tell him about The Gap or H&M or Banana Republic. Because tight high-cut breeches and waistcoats and frilly blouses. And I’d make him talk all the time. On top of his fussy, plummy English accent (which is catnip to us American girls), the tone of his voice is like warm melted caramel. No, warm salted melted caramel.

Just trust me and call him. Every female, and I suspect a good many males, ages 13 to 90 will buy tickets just to see Tom Mison on screen and listen to him talk in Dolby Surround Sound or whatever is the latest version of that. And get a really, really good tailor. We’re going to costume him from The Macy’s Collection, but you know… tight. And breeches-y.

In the role of Aunt Miranda: Meryl Streep

Because duh.

And in the role of Hudson: A Shelter Dog

I’m not sending a photo, because we’ll know him when we see him.

All dogs are good dogs. That’s a fact. The dog that plays Hudson has to be every dog to everybody. There’s something magic in Hudson that speaks silently to everyone he touches. Our canine start has to embody that. Getting a shelter dog full of heart is the only answer. It’s what The Goodspeed Opera House did when they rescued and trained the mutt who played Sandy in Annie, who was one day away from being put to sleep. That little mixed-breed eventually made it big on Broadway, living to the ripe old age of 16, beloved of millions. How will we know which one? We’ll just know. He’ll make himself known. As it says in bright golden lights on the side of Macy’s every Christmas season: Believe.

And as soon as you make those other calls, call my agent. She wants to talk to you about my Executive Producer credit.

Kiss kiss! Love you to pieces! Talk soon…

Lynn Marie Hulsman Biography

Lynn Marie Hulsman is the bestselling author of three romantic comedies, who also writes cookbooks. She enjoys Nora Ephron movies, pop psychology, terriers, and napping. She is not a fan of people walking three abreast on New York City sidewalks or spiders of any ilk. She does not believe in white chocolate.

Once a stand-up comic, and now a PTA mom and corporate ideation agent, she spends a lot of energy keeping her wise-cracks to herself. 

Find out more about Lynn Marie by following her on Twitter and Facebook, and by visiting her website. She's on Pinterest, but accepts defeat in the face of true crafty types.

Don't be shy about reaching out to say hi -- as a Black Belt Procrastinator, she welcomes the distraction.

Twitter: @LynnMarieSays
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Lynn-Marie-Hulsman-Author-591579824213840/
Website: www.lynnmariehulsman.com

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Never Kiss A Man in A Christmas Jumper by Debbie Johnson

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Published by HarperImpulse
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The Blurb:

You’ve seen Mark Darcy in the reindeer jumper his mother gave him, now meet Marco Cavelli in this season’s hottest Christmas knit!

For single mum Maggie, Christmas has always been a family occasion – her daughter Ellen filling the house with her bubbly warmth and mistletoe, her dad Paddy having one too many festive tipples, and the traditional family Christmas tree looking like a drunken elf vomited a rainbow all over it.

But this year, with both Ellen and Paddy away for the holidays, Maggie’s facing a truly blue Christmas – alone with nothing but a bottle of Baileys and an M&S turkey dinner.

Until walking the snowy streets of Oxford, Marco Cavelli quite literally crashes into her life – and, complete with broken leg, becomes her unexpected houseguest. All dreamy brown eyes and 6’5” of gorgeousness, the man is hotter and more delicious than a freshly baked mince pie.

Though Maggie always thought it’s a truth universally acknowledged that you never kiss a man in a Christmas jumper?

The next FABULOUS book from Debbie Johnson, author of best-selling Christmas number one, ‘Cold Feet at Christmas’ and the summer hit ‘Pippa’s Cornish Dream’.

My Review:

Whoever knew a fully grown man in a Christmas jumper could be attractive.....enter Marco and prepare to change your mind! From the moment Maggie sets eyes on Marco she is attracted to him. But never did she expect she would ever even talk to him, let alone get the chance to flirt and admire him more closely! But sometimes fate has a way of intervening, and when they collide in the middle of Oxford which results in him breaking his leg and becoming her unexpected houseguest.

I love Maggie. A young Mum to a teenage daughter she works hard as a wedding dress designer, putting her heart and soul into help create the perfect gown for the brides special day. And that sums her up, caring, warm and a grafter. I found her incredibly easy to like. She hasn't had life easy, and when gorgeous Marco lands in her life I really wanted her to be able to act on her attraction and find a happy ever after.

Marco is a dish! It was easy to build up an image of him that was very pleasant on the imagination! But it only is he gorgeous sounding but he is a real sweetie too. I need someone to clone him and send him in the post to me!

The book is very easy to get engrossed in. This is the second book I have read by Debbie Johnson and have found them both very enjoyable reads. She develops great characters, writes a plot that flows quickly and leaves you feeling that all is good in the world.

This book has a wintry and festive theme to it which is perfect for wrapping up warm with a mug of hot chocolate and escaping into another world for a while. I loved it and would highly recommend this book.

Thank you to HarperImpulse who provided a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter by Kate Winter

Out Now
Published by Little Brown
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The Blurb:

Falling in love is never simple. Especially when you're dead.

When Rosie Potter wakes up one morning with what she assumes is the world's worst hangover, the last thing she expects is to discover that she's actually dead. With a frustrating case of amnesia, suspicious circumstances surrounding her untimely demise, and stuck wearing her ugliest flannel PJs, Rosie must figure out not only what happened last night, but why on earth she's still here.

Slowly the mystery unravels, but there are many other secrets buried in the quiet Irish village of Ballycarragh, and nobody is as innocent as they first appear. Aided by the unlikeliest of allies in her investigation, Rosie discovers that life after death isn't all it's cracked up to be, particularly when you might just be falling in love . . .

In this hilarious, life-affirming and romantic journey through Rosie Potter's afterlife, she shares the ghostly tale of how she lived, she died, and she loved (in that order).

My Review:

I was drawn to The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter by its pretty cover, and by the synopsis. A young woman wakes up one morning all confused before realising she is dead, apparently murdered, and wearing her ugliest pair of pyjamas!

What should, given the storyline, be dark and sad, is in actual fact intriguing and lighthearted.  Rosie is a very funny character, and once the initial shock passes she seems to revel in her ability to turn detective and try to suss out just who killed her. She has her eye on who she believes is the key suspect and she starts to mess with their head in ways that made me laugh.

Whilst she believes initially that no one knows she is loitering around in the afterlife she thinks nothing of playing around, teasing them, shouting at them and some tom foolery.  She gets the shock of her life when it emerges that someone can infact she and hear her. She enlists them to help track down who killed her. This leads to some more funny moments, but also some more emotional times as she ponders love.

Will she find a happy ever after life and find the peace and answers she is seeking? Aha that would be telling! Katie Winter has written a clever book which has a serious plot, and is a who dunnit, but is not written in the traditional serious suspenseful manner. It is punctured by many light moments that raise a smile and draw you into the very likeable Rosie.

I am trying so hard not to give too much away as it really would spoil it for other readers. But this is a fast flowing, easy to read, fun book which is uplifting and very enjoyable to read.

Thank you to Little Brown who provided a copy in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Uncle Johns Factastic Bathroom Reader by The Bathrom Readers Institute

Published on 16 November 2015
Published by: Printers Row Publishing Group
Purchase from Amazon here

The Blurb:

Uncle John got a Factastic facelift for the 28th all-new edition of this beloved book series — now with a classy cloth cover on the outside and a sleek style on the inside! All of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader favorites are packed into these 544 glorious pages – from little-known history to the origins of everyday things—plus odd news, weird fads, quirky quotes, mind-bending science, head-scratching blunders, and all sorts of random oddities. Oh yeah, and thousands of incredible facts! Feel smarter (and a bit more dignified) as you settle into:

• Weird Body Parts of the Rich and Famous
• The Wild Man of Borneo
• Cryptic Movie Titles Explained
• "Pathological Generosity" and Other Real Medical Conditions
• How to Perform CPR on Your Dog
• When Postal Workers Go Rogue
• Start Your Own Country!
• Animals Under the Influence
• Welcome to No Mans Land
• The Mad Potter of Biloxi
• Saved From the Trash: The “Lost Leonardo”
• The Ten Longest Wars in History
• Stomach-churning Food-Safety Mistakes
• You Swallowed What?
• Incredible Stories of Survival
• The Case of the Stolen Bridge and Other Weird Crime Reports

And much, much more!

My Review:

I love learning random facts ands so books like this are right up my street. And boy is this one packed with information! It is literally hours worth of reading, much of which will either make you smile, or have you silently exclaiming 'oh wow, I never knew that!'.

The book is marketed as a bathroom reader, and quite hilariously the facts and stories are a mixed bag of short snappy ones, medium length ones, and long stories for ahem, longer visits!

I read this book on kindle and the only criticism I had was that you couldnt choose whether you wanted to jump to the short facts, or indulge in the longer ones, so it was all a bit of a lucky dip as to what came next.

That said, I really enjoyed learning some fascinating new things I can now share with others. My Dad is a big general knowledge person and always zooms to know facts about random things. Last night I was able to get my own back thanks to this book. When watching a programme about The Beatles I was able to tell him how their Sargent Pepper album was the first ever album to feature lyrics printed on it....aha, the tables are starting to turn I can say with a wry smile on my face!

The only other thing I would point out to UK readers is that there is a lot of US based facts and stories. Whilst I found some of them interesting I did also find myself flicking past some that didn't grab my interest.

This is a fun idea which will certainly leave you wiser and entertained,

Thank you to Printers Row Publishing Group who provided a copy in return for an honest review.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Pippas Cornish Dream by Debbie Johnson

Out Now
Published by Harper Impulse
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The Blurb:

‘The perfect summer story – a funny and moving read set in glorious modern-day Poldark country.’ – Bestselling author Jane Costello

Every summer has a story…

Since Pippa Harte was forced to take over her parents’ farm, she’s barely had time to shave her legs let alone make time for a date. Now she’s more likely to be getting down and dirty mucking out the pigs – and avoiding those of the human male variety.

When Ben Retallick walks out of her childhood and back into her present it seems that perhaps Pippa has more time than she thought. All Poldark smoulders and easy-going charm, Ben’s definitely worth whipping her wellies off for!

But Ben is a man with his own past and his own issues – and as much as she’s enjoying having him around, she’s got to get a grip. After all life isn’t always a beach … Then again, this is Cornwall.

Set on the gorgeous Cornish coast at the height of summer, this is the perfect romance to take on your hols!

Debbie is the author of Cold Feet at Christmas, the #1 Christmas bestseller!

My Review:

I found Pippas Cornish Dream very easy to pick up and read, and hard to put down until I had finished it. The story flows right from the start and it was easy to get immersed and lose track of time.

I love Pippa, the main character that the book is set around. She is a quiet unassuming girl, who works hard and is full of love and devotion to her family. After losing her parents she is young and left alone to not only run the farm, but raise her younger siblings which is no easy task for anyone! Yet she manages this brilliantly. I felt instantly sorry for her given all the responsibility she has taken on without a moan or groan. I also felt sorry for her that she had no time to herself to be young, carefree and foolish. But it's quickly apparent that her love for her family means she wouldn't have it any other way.

We also meet Ben who turns up at the farm to rent a room after some hard times of his own, and some time in prison. Pippa and Ben knew eachother when they were children and Ben stayed at the farm one summer. There is an instant attraction between them both and they seem to be good for eachother. Non judgemental and out to introduce some fun into eachothers lives. They are perfect for eachother, but will either of them give in to their feelings?

Pippas Cornish Dream has lots of fun, flirtation and feeling abound. I found myself drawn into their world, laughing and enjoying being a voyeur as they get acquainted. Both Ben and Pippa are brilliantly written characters and I found it very easy to warm to them both. I was willing them on to get over their issues and have a happy ever after ending.

The book is skillfully written. It has a good mix of laughs a well as emotion that made me fly through page after page. Characters and scenes are well developed which helped me to get a visual in my mind of all the family and the settings. The book is quite short at just over 200 pages so the scenes and events move quickly and kept me involved. I very much enjoyed the background and would love to visit Cornwall after reading the book.

I loved this book and would highly recommend this as a read to get lost in.

Thanks to HarperImpulse for a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Blog Tour: Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley

Hi all

I am really excited to be part of Cathy Bramleys blog tour promoting her new book Conditional Love. Cathy is a very talented author whose writing transports you into the world of the characters and immerses you in their story.

My First and Third Book Baby!

How time has flown since I self-published the first edition of CONDITIONAL LOVE back in October 2013. Yet so much has changed since then and my self-publishing journey feels like a life time ago.
When Transworld first took me on to write IVY LANE, I had no idea that I would one day see CONDITIONAL LOVE on the shelves of the major supermarkets and book retailers; I was happy enough to sell it to my local bookshop and the Nottingham branch of Waterstones at the time!

But after a facelift both inside and out, CONDITIONAL LOVE has hit the mainstream retail channels and I couldn’t be prouder. This summer, the Kindle version spent several weeks in the Amazon Top 50 and I’m hoping that my loyal readers of the IVY LANE and APPLEBY FARM paperbacks will find a space in their supermarket baskets for CONDITIONAL LOVE over the coming weeks, too!

I wouldn’t swap my route to being traditionally published for world; I learned so much from launching CONDITIONAL LOVE myself. I even had a little launch party in my local phone box and made colour-coordinated cupcakes!

But I must admit, the book cover biscuits that Biscuiteers have made for my new cover do look more impressive!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Winter's Fairytale by Maxine Morrey

Out Now
Published by Carina
Purchase from Amazon here

The Blurb:

Step into a winter wonderland and fall in love in the snow this Christmas…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

A few weeks before Christmas and a sudden blanketing of snow has closed the roads and brought public transport grinding to a halt, stranding Izzy miles from home and in desperate need of rescuing.

That doesn’t mean she’s looking to bump into Rob and spend a cosy weekend holed up in his swanky flat watching London become a winter wonderland! Because Izzy and Rob have history…

Six months ago, they were standing in the vestry of a beautiful country church, while best man Rob delivered the news that every bride dreads on their big day.

But at the time of year when anything is possible, can Rob and Izzy let go of the past and let Christmas work its magic? Or will this be one holiday wish that Izzy lets walk right out of her life…

My Review:

The best thing about the evenings drawing in, and the weather turning miserable is being able to indulge in that guilty pleasure of wrapping up all snuggly with a wonderful book. Winters Fairytale is perfect for doing just this!

Winters Fairytale introduces us to Izzy who owns her own wedding dress business. It's quite ironic that she spends her time making brides weddings dreams come true when her own wedding day ended up with her being jilted by the groom who didn't show up, and punching Rob, the Best Man and deliverer of bad tidings, on the nose. However, Issy is a ballsy woman and has come back strong.

She hasn't seen Rob since the day of her wedding so it is somewhat of a shock when she bumps into him outside her studio one December night just as a snow storm is taking hold. Transport is affected and Izzy can't get home so ends up holed up in Rob's flat for a couple of days until it passes. This means a potentially awkward time for them both given the history.

It's also the run up to Christmas and we get to meet Rob's family including his sister Jenny. Jenny is marrying her fiancé Mike on New Years Day, and as with all weddings there are a few hitches before hand. She and Izzy are my two favourite characters in the book. They are both strong, brace women, but also warm, caring and adventurous. I also have to mention Rob. As leading male characters go I thought he was pretty cool. He acts like a complete idiot in parts but I couldn't help but fall for his kind heart.

The book is brilliantly written by Maxine Morrey, who I believe won the Carina write christmas competition with this story. Fantastic strong characters, along with beautifully descriptive writing enabled me to immerse myself into their world and become a fly on the wall. I love books that transport me to Christmas and make me feel all festive and warm and Winter Fairytales certainly delivered for me.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Thank you to Carina for providing a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood

Out now
Published by Little Brown
Purchase from Amazon here

The Blurb:

Everyone who lives at 23 Beulah Grove has a secret. If they didn't, they wouldn't be renting rooms in a dodgy old building for cash--no credit check, no lease. It's the kind of place you end up when you you've run out of other options.

The six residents mostly keep to themselves, but one unbearably hot summer night, a terrible accident pushes them into an uneasy alliance. What they don't know is that one of them is a killer. He's already chosen his next victim, and he'll do anything to protect his secret.

My Review:

I love a good thriller and a bit of a shock so I was really looking forward to reading The Killer Next Door. The book is set in London and revolves around the residents of grubby bedsit. Each room and resident holds its own secrets which as a reader we slowly uncover a the story develops.

Superbly written the mystery unravels slowly as we get to know each of the characters and their deeply held secrets. There is the odious sleazy landlord, the vulnerable young girls, secretive males and the lovely old lady who make up the residents of the run down Victorian house.

Hidden amongst all of this is a gruesome murderer who kills and keeps bodies of women. The scenes involving the murderer have some quite graphic scenes and description. I am a fan of horror and gore so these didn't put me off at all.

This is a tough review to write as I really want to go onto detail and talk about all the twists and turns, but I don't want to spoil it for other readers. So what do I love about this book? Most definitely the best thing is the descriptive writing. Alex Marwood is very skilled at really creating a chilling atmosphere, and building a story to a crescendo. Chapters alternate between the main characters which enables us as a readers to uncover what has bought each of them to live in such squalid conditions.

I liked being kept in the dark and trying to guess who the killer is. The vile acts are interwoven into the book and some of the description is repulsive. But I liked not knowing s it allowed me to try and play detective and guess who it might be.

I had no problem in visualising and putting myself into the story. I live in a street in South London which has lots of Victorian houses which could well have been a similar bedsit. Infact when I am out walking I now wonder what goes on behind some of those closed doors....I let my imagination wander!

Hats off to Alex Marwood for creating a book full of complex characters, set in a dirty decrepit environment. It is gritty, full of twists and turns and will keep you on the edge of your seat, even when some scenes want to make you turn away. Excellently written I can't wait to read more of Alex's work.

Thank you to Little Brown who provided a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Cover Reveal: The Revenge by Holly Martin

Here is the gorgeous cover for The Revenge, the new book by Holly Martin. This is the third book in The Sentinel Series and here’s the blurb so you can see what happens next for Eve and her friends.

He was created to be her back up and now he's out to take her place

After the Oraculum orders Eve’s execution, she has to flee her home in the fort as those that have been guarding over her are forced to turn against her. Amongst the chaos, a new Sentinel is named. Adam, Eve’s half-brother.

Adam has spent his life incarcerated by the Oraculum while Eve was allowed to grow up with a family and friends. Now he is hell bent on revenge. He rules over his Guardians and his new kingdom with arrogance and a cold heart, but his one ambition is to make Eve’s life a living hell. Nowhere is safe from him, not even her dreams.

With the threat from the Putarians moving closer, her own Guardians betraying her, the survival of the world hinges in the balance.

Above all else, Adam must be stopped. But when Eve has a prophecy of her and Adam saving the world together, she quickly realizes she needs to work with him not against him.

But can Eve get through to Adam before it’s too late? Or will Adam’s evil heart result in the destruction of all? 

Praise for The Sentinel (Book 1 in The Sentinel Series)

It’s a book you HAVE to read, because it’s incredible. An outstanding book that has left me bereft its finished. I wished I’d savoured it for longer. This book was one of those that once you started it was impossible to come away from. It was fast paced, exciting, full of suspense and action that had me gasping in shock at twists I never imagined could happen. It’s a story of courage and adventure. And no matter how dark it gets, there’s always love and hope. – Victoria Loves Books Blog

It's really hard to find the words to describe how amazing this book is. 

This is definitely the best debut I've read this year! I just love this book, I want you all to read this book, in fact you all need to read this book! - Love of a Good Book Blog

If you want to pre-order this book so it pops straight onto your kindle on December 1st then pop over here. Its only 99p/99c

And if you haven’t read the first two books in the series yet, then pop over here and get your copy, all three books are 99p/99c at the moment

The Sentinel

The Prophecies

Monday, 9 November 2015

Sunshine and Spaniels by Cressida McLaughlin

Out Now
Published by: Harper Collins, Blue Door
Purchase from Amazon here

The blurb:

Hilarious, touching and fun, Primrose Terrace will appeal to dog lovers everywhere and fans of Lucy Diamond, Cathy Bramley and Trisha Ashley.

Cat Palmer’s dog-walking business, Pooch Promenade is taking off. It hasn’t been plain sailing but with the help of her flatmate Joe, she’s taken on some more new clients from Primrose Terrace. But when she meets boisterous puppy Olaf, who is owned by harassed single mum Frankie, she wonders if she has bitten off more than she can chew! Cat’s also getting to know her sexy neighbour Mark and his Collie, Chips, a little better, but is there more to him than meets the eye?

Perhaps sorting out her best friend Polly’s love life will be easier than her own Sunshine and Spaniels is the second part of a serialized novel told in four parts – all set in Primrose Terrace.

My review:

A welcome return to Primrose Terrace for part two of a four part serialisation. I really enjoyed part one, Wellies and Westies and wasn't let down by this second installment. We meet up with Cat at an event she has organised in the park to promote her dog walking business. The event is quite eventful (and funny!). Whilst in the park she meets two young children out walking their lively and mischievous puppy. When she accompanies them home she discovers that, like Cat, they live on Primrose Terrace and that their Mum, Frankie is a very stressed out single parent.

Cat, along with Polly set out to make life a bit easier and more fun for Frankie. Cat helps out with dog walking and Polly offers to clear out the loft so that she can enter it out to earn some extra money.

As with the first part, the story is told beautifully. My favourite character is Cat. She is a wonderful, warm and funny character. She still has an up in the air kind of relationship going on with her neighbour where he appears to be giving her the run around. Part of me wants to jump in and shake her a bit, but then who knows where it will go from here. I also like her best friend Polly. I would say in real life they would be a formidable duo and I would definitely want to be friends with them.

I am definitely a fan of Cressida's writing style. I find it very easy to follow and get engrossed in. Her writing is descriptive and builds up a clear image of the characters and surroundings. I find this makes it very easy to get to know them and the area, which makes me feel connected to the story and eager to keep turning the pages.

I am not the greatest fan of serialisations, but purely because I am always too eager to find out what happens next. This series is no exception. I am really enjoying it and am very much looking forward to reading what life has in store for them in part three.