Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mega Summer Giveaway

Hi everyone

Hope you are enjoying some time in the sun as well as some time to read. I am really pleased to be part of a giveaway organised by a fellow book blogger, Sharon, whose blog is excellent and one of those that I always go to read regularly. I would encourage you to click here and go see for yourself just how good she is.

Sharon has organised this mega summer giveaway which runs from now until 6pm (UK time) on 14th July.

A number of people have offered to be part of this giveaway which means that there will be 11 winners. (If anyone else would like to be involved please do contact Sharon ;-)). 

Once the competition closes at 6pm (UK time) on 14th July the winners will be randomly chosen by rafflecopter and contacted for their postal address. Each of the 11 people taking part will be sent a name and address and will post that person a book they think everyone should read this summer.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 A massive thank you to Sharon for organising this competition and allowing me to be part of it.

Big thanks also to the following who are taking part:

Amanda: AJ Book Review Club
Agi: On My Bookshelf
Charlotte: BestChickLit.com
Kelly: Compelling Reads
Lindsay: Bookboodle
Simona: Sky's Book Corner
Suzanne: Lavender Likes, Loves, Finds and Dreams.....
Vicky: I Love Reading

Have a great summer and let us know what we should be reading!


  1. Great giveaway! I can't wait to share my favorite book with one of the winners!

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  3. Thank you for this giveaway Jill and a lovely idea too xx

  4. It was Sharon's idea and I thought it was great so couldn't wait to get involved. I have so many books I'd love to share, choosing one wil l be hard xx