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Blog Tour: Dead Gorgeous by Elizabeth Flynn

I am pleased to be part of the blog tour for Elizabeth Flynn's new book, Dead Gorgeous which is out now, published by Lion Hudson.

Dead Gorgeous is the second book by Elizabeth Flynn, featuring D.I. Costello. Below you can read the synopsis as well as an interview she gave to The CRA earlier this year about her first novel, Game, Set and Murder.

Out Now
Published by Lion Hudson
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The blurb:

Kirsty Manners is young, beautiful and trying to make it as a model. As the in-house model for the Ivano King fashion house and girlfriend of Ian King, the man behind the label, she believes she is well on her way. But Kirsty is found dead in her flat one Sunday afternoon and D.I.Angela Costello is called to the scene. At first enquiries centre on the local gym where Kirsty, her dangerous ex-boyfriend, Darren Carpenter, and her jealous flatmate, Sandra Hodges, worked out. But things are more complicated. Ian King is considered to have lost his edge. Why then is he so buoyant about his latest collection for London Fashion Week? What about his new girlfriend, Eleanor Chandler, who openly admits to having a reason to wish Kirsty dead? Behind the gleaming smiles and flawless make-up of the glamorous fashion world, Angela’s enquiries uncover theft, drug-addiction, prostitution and imprisonment – and suddenly her own life could be in danger …

Game, Set and Murder by Elizabeth Flynn

The article below was first published on The Crime Readers Association website earlier this year. The link to the CRA website can be found by clicking here 

I’m still a newbie, a newly published author.   But that, obviously, doesn’t make me new to writing.   Like most of my species I’ve been scribbling away at one thing or another for years, sending stuff off to agents and publishers and building up a big enough pile of rejection slips to paper my walls.
It all changed last year when the publishing company, Lion Hudson, decided to introduce an imprint called Lion Fiction and I heard they were looking for new work.   The publication of my first novel is the result and the whole process has and continues to be totally thrilling.
Game, Set and Murder is a crime thriller set in Wimbledon against the background of the tournament.    Although I love tennis (it’s the only sport I follow) and I revel in the whole razzamatazz of that fortnight each summer my reason for setting the story there had nothing to do with tradition or ‘hallowed lawns’ and everything to do with, well, marketing, I suppose.
It’s what I personally call ‘the Dick Francis Principle.’   In his book, In the Frame the main character is a painter of horses and at one point he says something along the lines of: I can paint a picture of a chestnut horse on a patch of heath land, call it ‘Chestnut Horse on Heath land’ and sell it for £50.   Or I can paint the same picture, call it ‘Arkle on Newbury Downs’ and sell it for £500.
So when I found myself in possession of a very strong image of a murdered body lying dead on a tennis court I said to myself, now do I invent a tennis tournament in a little village somewhere or a suburb of London?   Oh, hang on  . . . suburb of London?   There’s already a tournament in just such a place, why bother to make one up?
So there you have it, what I hope will be the first of many novels featuring my protagonist, D. I. Angela Costello of the Metropolitan Police.   I’ve made Angela a tennis fan, like myself but she won’t be too distracted by the American Open to get stuck into her next case.   Dead Gorgeous, the second in the series, due out this October, is set in the fashion industry, leading up to London Fashion Week.   Again, why invent a fashion show when . . .?

Game, Set and Match is published by Lion Hudson and can be purchased from Amazon here

I wrote the above piece earlier this year.  Dead Gorgeous became available through any bookseller or to download on 17th October.

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