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Guest post from Sophie King - Author of Do You Take This Man?

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I am delighted to have been asked to host some information, and a guest post for Sophie King, to co-incide with the publication of her new book 'Do You Take This Man?' which came out on 8th December. You may have heard of Sophie from her earlier book 'The School Run' which was very popular.

Featured in this post is the blurb for the new book, along with a guest post where Sophie chats about her first love, and what may seem bizarre...but how she came to be his bridesmaid. It is a really good read. Hope you enjoy.

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Whats the book about?

Katie is getting married to Alec ... or is she? Have you ever wondered "what if..." you had made a different decision in life, and would things have gone down a totally different path? Would life have been better or worse? In "Do You Take This Man?" we follow Katie's two lives - what happens to her if she says "I do" and what happens if she stands up her groom. Katie's two separate realities are very different, but we also see how there are some things you can't avoid, whatever choices you make in life. In the tradition of the classic film "Sliding Doors", "Do You Take This Man?" will keep you gripped and guessing to the end!


When I first met Chris at a school dance, aged 15, I never dreamed I would end up as his future wife’s bridesmaid! I thought Chris was the most handsome boy I’d ever seen. He actually had a moustache and had a lovely deep voice that made me melt.

In fact, our relationship was very innocent and went no further than a passionate kiss on top of Harrow on the Hill. It lasted three long months and I was heartbroken when it ended. But life goes on. Fast forward two years and I found myself going out with a friend of his.

By then, Chris was seeing a girl who became a friend of mine. Strangely, I didn’t feel jealous of her.  The four of us went out together and when I was eighteen, I got engaged to the friend. So too did Chris and his girlfriend. But the biggest surprise was when they asked me to be their bridesmaid!

Now all my life I’d wanted to be a bridesmaid. All my friends had, in turn, been dressed up in gorgeous dresses and followed sisters or cousins down the aisle. So at the age of twenty, I’d resigned myself to thinking it would never happen. You can imagine how excited I was when I finally realised my dream was about to come true!

There was just one problem. My straight hair. Both the bride-to-be and her mother were determined that my naturally blonde hair would curl for the day. Unfortunately, despite an entire can of hair spray and several sets of pin curlers, my locks refused to play ball. It almost made us late for the wedding ...

Eventually, however, we got there. And that was when it struck me. As the happy couple said their vows, I had a flash of that kiss on Harrow On the Hill. What, I asked myself, would have happened if we hadn’t broken up...?

I’ve no idea where Chris and his wife are now. I hope they’re together and happy. Meanwhile my own romantic life has had its ups and downs although now I’m settled. (Touch wood.) Mind you, one of my middle-aged friends is about to get married again. And I can’t stop hoping that I might be asked to be matron of honour ...


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