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Blog Tour: The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza

The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza
From the phenomenal No.1 bestselling author Robert Bryndza comes the second heart-racing, electrifying thriller in the Detective Erika Foster series.
Already a top 20 ebook bestseller with over 60,000 pre-orders sales.
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The Blurb
If the Night Stalker is watching, you’re already dead…
In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer’s night, Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene. The victim, a doctor, is found suffocated in bed. His wrists are bound and his eyes bulging through a clear plastic bag tied tight over his head.
A few days later, another victim is found dead, in exactly the same circumstances. As Erika and her team start digging deeper, they discover a calculated serial killer – stalking their victims before choosing the right moment to strike.
The victims are all single men, with very private lives. Why are their pasts shrouded in secrecy? And what links them to the killer?
As a heat wave descends upon London, Erika will do everything to stop the Night Stalker before the body count rises, even if it means risking her job. But the victims might not be the only ones being watched… Erika’s own life could be on the line.
The global bestselling author of The Girl in the Ice is back with a heart-racing, electrifying thriller. 

My Review

It’s official, I am a Robert Bryndza groupie! I have spent the last few months gushing and raving to anyone who will listen about The Girl in the Ice by Robert (and if you haven’t read it, why the hell not??!!). It is one of my books of the year, and I just could not put it down.

I was almost counting down the days until publication of The Night Stalker, and a return to the world of DCI Erika Foster. And let me tell you…it does not disappoint! As soon as I got my hands on a copy I retreated from the real world, only rejoining after turning the last page, and even then I didn’t want to emerge…I wanted to read more.

Robert has a wonderful way of writing that reels the reader in, gets their heart racing, the adrenaline pumping, and compels you to carry on reading. As with The Girl in the Ice we get to know who the killer is early on, but it doesn’t detract from the tension and thrill of the storyline. The killer is deeply disturbed, and as the book progresses becomes more erratic, which definitely drew me in. As a reader not only do you get to see the investigation from the police point of view, but we get a chance to develop some great insight into the mind of the killer, which adds another dark dimension.

I am loving Erika Foster. She is a ballsy woman, who has no qualms in standing up for herself, and running close to the wire when leading an investigation. I love that she is a strong character, and a great leading lady. I have found it really easy to build up a picture of her in my mind which helps me bring a book to life.

I love gritty crimes, and I think that is one of the things that attracts me to this series. Whilst not overly gruesome, the writing is so descriptive that I feel like I can sense the sounds, smells, noises, and ambience of each scene. I feel like I am more than a reader, I am part of the team trying to track down this killer and stop them. There is certainly nothing airy fairy about Robert’s approach to writing. He pulls no punches, and has created truly compelling characters, and such great description of the scenery that it feels 3D.

I am a massive fan of Karin Slaughter, and am an avid reader of her Grant County series. For me the Erika Foster series is on a par. The Night Stalker is well developed, excellently written, and full of drama, suspense, and thrills. It is truly a page turner, and from the moment I opened the front cover I was hooked.

If you’re looking for a fast paced, heart racing, adrenaline book that packs a punch and leaves you desperate for more, then The Night Stalker could be just what you are looking for!

P.S. Robert is a great guy. Do follow him on social media and let him know if you love his work. Yes, I am fangirling but I want everyone to tell him how great this series is.

P.P.S Robert….please don’t leave us hanging too long for our next Erika Foster fix. I have withdrawal already!

Thank you to Bookouture who kindly provided a copy in return for an honest review.

About Robert Bryndza

Originally from the UK, Rob lives in Slovakiawith his Slovak husband and their two crazy dogs. He originally trained as an actor, but was bitten by the writing bug in his mid-twenties and hasn’t looked back. His debut novel, The NotSo Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard becamean Amazon bestseller, and has grown to a best selling series of five books.
In addition to his recent number one romantic comedy Miss Wrong and Mr Right, Rob is excited to embrace the darker side of life, writing his first crime thriller series. He is currently writing the third book in the Erika Foster series, which will be released in September 2016.

About The Girl in the Ice
• Over 565,000 copies sold
• #1 Amazon US
• #2 Amazon UK
• #1 Amazon Canada
• #1 Amazon Australia
• #1 Amazon Netherlands
• Top 100 Amazon France, Spain and India
• #2 Wall Street Journal Best-sellers
• #3 USA Today Best-sellers

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