Saturday, 31 December 2016

Making Friends with Depression by Sarah Rayner

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I couldn't go into the new year without letting you know about this absolutely fantastic book. Making Friends with Depression has been written by Sarah Rayner, along with Kate Harrison and Dr Patrick Fitzgerald.

Those of you with Kindles might be interested to know that it is absolutely free to download for the next 48 hours, simply click here

If you have ever been in the grip of the black dog you will know how frightening, lonely and overwhelming it can be. This book is a perfect companion, sharing lots of easy to understand information, as well as practical tips on how to cope. It is written not in medical jargon, but by those who have been there, know what it is really like to live with depression, and have been brave enough to share this with us.

I feel incredibly lucky to have come to know Sarah over the last couple of years, and she is warm hearted, compassionate, and an all round great person, and I can highly recommend this book to you. Her book Making Friends with Anxiety has come to be one of my best companions, and has really helped me to overcome my anxiety.

Sarah has also created a Facebook group: Making Friends with Anxiety and Depression which you are always welcome to join. It is a wonderfully supportive place where people come together to support each other.

Sarah has also written two other Making Friends with books: Making Friends with Anxiety and Making Friends with the Menopause. Again, well worth a read, and I have just looked on Amazon and they are both under £2 at the moment. Believe me they are a complete bargain!!

If you want to know more about Making Friends with Depression this is the blurb and what others have to say about Sarah's books:

'Simple, lucid advice' Matt Haig, bestselling author of Reasons to be Alive, on Making Friends with Anxiety

If you're suffering from depression or low mood, you can end up feeling very alone, desperately struggling to find a way through - but recovery is possible and, in Making Friends with Depression, bestselling authors Sarah Rayner and Kate Harrison, together with GP Dr Patrick Fitzgerald help speed your journey to recovery. They explain that hating or fighting the 'black dog' of depression can actually prolong your suffering, whereas 'making friends' with your darker emotions by compassionately accepting these feelings can restore health and happiness.  

Sarah (Making Friends with Anxiety) and Kate (The 5:2 Diet Book) write with candour, compassion and humour about lifting low mood and easing symptoms because they’ve both experienced – and recovered from – depression themselves, while GP Dr Patrick Fitzgerald draws on his clinical understanding to offer practical advice on treatment options and finding support. The book explores:

* The different types of depressive illness
* Where to seek help and how to get a diagnosis 
* The pros and cons of the most commonly-prescribed medications 
* The different kinds of therapy available 
* Why depression can cause so many physical symptoms 
* What to do if you suffer suicidal thoughts
* How to stop the spiral of negative thinking and boost self-esteem
* Evidence-based steps to improve mental health and avoid relapse

Fully illustrated and reflecting the latest National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines, Making Friends with Depression is succinct and surprisingly uplifting.The result is book that doesn't shy away from the distress that depression can cause, but is packed with simple tips that are easy to implement thereby offering hope and guidance through the darkest of times. 

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