Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Collector by Fiona Cummins

Out now

Published by Pan Macmillan

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The Blurb:

If you like Mo Hayder and Thomas Harris, you’ll love The Collector. 
Jakey escaped with his life and moved to a new town. His rescue was a miracle but his parents know that the Collector is still out there, watching, waiting . . .
Clara, the girl he left behind, dreams of being found. Her mother is falling apart but she will not give up hope. The Collector has found an apprentice to take over his family’s legacy. 
But he can’t forget the one who got away and the detective who destroyed his dreams. DS Etta Fitzroy must hunt him down before his obsession destroys them all. 

My review:

Having read and loved Rattle, Fiona's debut novel, I was like a kid waiting for christmas when I heard that not only did she have another book coming out, but that it was a follow up to her first book. I clicked download as soon as I could and ventured off to a quiet retreat to get stuck in.

It is safe to say that The Collector did not let me down! I devoured every page and kept going long after I should have stopped to do other things! Even darker and creepier than Rattle, this book is everything i hoped it would be and more! If you haven't read Rattle it would be good to read it first, but not essential as this stands alone  as well. 

The main character is one twisted sicko who wants nothing more than to cause as much pain and misery as possible. He is deeply warped! Clara, a young girl is missing and hope is pretty much gone for her. But DS Etta Fitzroy never gives up hope. Determined and passionate she is always driven and in search of justice. But The Collector just doesnt want to let go! Cue a plot that twists and turns and kept me gripped to the edge of my seat. 

Fiona Cummins has written another best seller. Filled with great characters, especially Etta Fitzroy, who I hope we see again. Hope she is busy writing book three because I am sat here eagerly awaiting it! 

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