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Review: Not Ready to Adult Yet by Iain Stirling

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Comedian Iain Stirling is best known as the brilliantly funny voice of the BAFTA-award winning smash hit Love Island. Despite his many accolades, and his mum telling him he’s her ‘special little soldier’ every day, Iain still struggles with everyday adult life. What a textbook millennial.
Looking back at his journey to adulthood, Iain explores why millennials are the way they are – and whether that makes us self-obsessed, work-shy, mollycoddled, egomaniacs; or just a misunderstood generation with a crippling fear of failure.
Millennials have been celebrated and scorned; they’re the envy, fascination and disgrace of the world. But is there more to this #selfie and avocado-obsessed generation that can’t grow up than meets the eye?
Throughout life millennials have been taught that they are perfect and should live a perfect life. They’ve been told, whatever happens, don’t fuck up. And then they enter the real world. And failure quickly rears its ugly head. A head millennials weren’t warned about and definitely aren’t ready for.
Iain knows a lot about fucking up. And he’s ready to share.
Funny, provocative and full of his trademark razor-sharp wit, this is Iain’s guide to what life is really like for millennials and how they can navigate it better.

My review:

It's been far too long since I put pen to paper (or actually fingers to keyboard) and wrote a review, but I need to shout from the rooftops about this book! I've seen Iain Stirling do stand up, and found myself hooked on Love Island this year, thanks mostly to his running commentary, so I was looking forward to reading his first book...and it was even better than expected!

If you already know of Iain's work you will already know how incredibly funny he is to listen to, but would this translate over to the written word? The answer - Hell yeah! 

Not Ready To Adult Yet takes the reader behind the scenes of Iain growing up as a millennial, and navigating the path to adulthood. There are lots of anecdotes that remind us that growing up is not plain sailing, and as well as giving the reader lots of laughs there are some important messages there too. 

I am older than the target audience of this book (being part of Generation X rather than a millennial) but it resonated heaps with me too. Things are totally different to when I was entering adulthood, with no mobile phone, a dial up internet connection that would take forever, and knowing my best friends number off by heart from dialling it daily. But whether you are a millennial or not doesn't matter. This book is for all to read and enjoy!

The stories are brilliantly funny, but at the same time give food for thought and reflection about our own lives and what we judge as success or failure, how we make decisions and whether we are all becoming totally self obsessed and consumed. Iain has really put thought, and research into his work, which takes this away from an autobiography and into another realm where he uses his own experiences to question what we do, why we do it, and whether sometimes we should do things differently. 

Be warned, if you are a fan, you may, like me, read the entire book in the voice of Iain Stirling which brings it even more to life. infact, the audio copy will be a brilliant listen if reading isnt your thing. 

I admit, the book was more than I expected as it had that extra dynamic to just recounting tales of past experiences. I particularly enjoyed the section where he describes a holiday and cookies - a story that had me in fits of laughter. 

Young, old, adulting, or not ready to, go buy this book - you won't regret it! Just be prepared to laugh lots whilst also pondering life and your decisions. 


P.S. If you haven't seen him do stand up he is about to go on tour. You will laugh until your face hurts! Check out his dates and grab tickets here

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