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Blog Tour: Love Like The Movies by Victoria Van Tiem

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I'm very excited to welcome Victoria Van Tiem to my blog. Her debut novel, Love Like the Movies was released on both e-book and paperback on the 19th June. I have been lucky enough to read it, and I really enjoyed it (alot). As well as a beautifully written love story I really enjoyed all the references and re-enactments of scenes from some of my favourite rom-coms. I would definitely recommend this as a read for the summer.  

I am sure that we can all recall many magical moments that have had us oohing and ahhing and roaring with laughter over the years, and I am really pleased that Victoria has kindly written about her 5 funniest Rom-Com moments in film (and even better, included links to the clips which I am sure will brighten up your Monday).

The 5 funniest Rom-Com moments in film by Victoria Van Tiem

While LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES is a romantic and sweet story, reenacting many favorite romantic comedy moments, like: the kiss in Sixteen Candles, the dance and lift in Dirty Dancing, and the iconic moment when Lloyd Dobler holds up the boom box so Diane is forced to hear every word of that song, LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES is also rooted in comedy. Because really, what’s funnier than love?
Finding favorite funny moments in rom-coms was the easy part, it was narrowing it down to five that proved difficult, but here goes . . .
Five of my favorite funny rom-com moments in film: 

5. 27 DRESSES: I love the banter between Kevin Doyle and Jane as they register for Tess’s wedding. This scene was the first scene reenacted on the LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES list.
4. THE PROPOSAL: The why are you naked bit.
3. THE WEDDING PLANNER: I love the Nancy Pong routine. It just amuses me to no end and in LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES Kenzi references it and changes it up to suit her own situation.
2. MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING: The bread van chase scene. This scene inspired the Paint Ball van chase in LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES. I love Julia Robert’s expressions and George’s reactions.
1. WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?: This is an easy number one for me. I cannot watch it without laughing. The sudden British accent that goes awry? Oh, yeah, I burst out every single time. Anna Faris is genius and this made me a huge fan. 

I hope you smile and laugh with Shane and Kenzi in LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES and I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a tweet @vtiem and let me know what your favorite scenes are.

Victoria x
I would like to thank Victoria for taking the time to reminisce with us and I cant wait to hear about your favourite rom-com moments, and what you think of the great Love Like the Movies. 

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