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Ivy Lane Part 3 - Autumn by Cathy Bramley

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Published by Random House, Transworld
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The Blurb:

Trust blooms at Ivy lane . . .

Life at Ivy Lane allotments is as hectic as always. With crops to harvest and weeds to tackle, Tilly is busier than ever, but she can never resist chatting with Alf, an elderly widower with top-notch turnips and many a story to tell.

When the announcement of a young offenders project sends waves of suspicion through the allotment, Alf and Tilly must persuade Ivy Lane to trust the newly arrived teenagers . . . but what secrets is Tilly keeping to herself?

With best friend Gemma to support her, Tilly must face up to her difficult memories and finally reveal what happened to change her life for ever. But can she open her heart to love at the Hallowe'en party?

Ivy Lane is a serialized novel told in four parts - taking you through a year in the life of Tilly Parker - with Autumn the third part. Each part of Ivy Lane is approx. 10 chapters.

My Review:

Oh my goodness.....part three of Ivy Lane certainly packs a punch! I cannot begin to tell you much I am enjoying this series. I am well and truly hooked and have been waiting with baited breath for release day. I was sitting there at midnight downloading it on to my Kindle...and it was well worth the wait.....if I could give it 6 stars out of 5 I would. I am worried that I can't really do this justice in my review as I would have to giveaway the storyline which I can't do and spoil it for you all.

Cathy Bramley is becoming queen of the cliffhanger with this serialisation and having left us readers with a massive cliff hanger at the end of the summer part, I was desperate to see what was to come.

Ivy Lane tells the story of Tilly Parker who, having moved to the local area, takes ownership of a plot in the local community allotment. It is apparent that Tilly has had a hard time and has moved to make a fresh start. Her story has been very slowly been revealed, but in this part we get to find out exactly what has happened to her. I warn you, if you are a fan of Tilly it is heartbreaking.

Autumn sees the return of Aidan, the prospective love interest from summer. Aidan is a tv producer who came to Ivy Lane to film a show featuring the allotment, and quite a bit of Tilly! There is a very clear attraction between them, and part of me wants a happy ever after, but I am not sure yet whether I want it to be with Aidan.

We also catch up with the others from the allotment, especially Gemma, Alf and Charlie. We know from summer that Gemma is pregnant, and in autumn is definitely blossoming. I love the way she has become such a good friend of Tilly. I used to really like Charlie, but i am not so sure about him in this part. He seemed to me to be quite intense even though Tilly seems to have made it clear she sees him as a friend.

Autumn sees a new scheme of young offenders taking part in community service at the allotment, much to the disgust of many allotment holders. I loved the way Alf too them under his wing. A very wise and kind man. This scheme introduces us to Hayley. I loved the way she is used to explore pre conceived perceptions we as human beings have, and how we shouldn't always judge a book by its cover.

I adore the way Cathy writes with such warmth and empathy that really catches the characters, and brings them to life. I find her writing really engaging and, as I said earlier, boy, can she write a cliffhanger!

Autumn has been by far my favourite season of the Ivy Lane series. My heart was in my mouth by the end and I didnt want it to end. It grabbed me so much i still feel anxious about needing to know that all is ok. i am wishing my life away as I can't wait for winter now. I have tissues at the ready!!

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