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One Hundred Christmas Proposals by Holly Martin

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Published by Carina
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The Blurb:

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to One Hundred Proposals.

If you thought Harry & Suzie’s life couldn't get anymore sweepingly romantic than Harry asking her to marry him at the end of One Hundred Proposals – think again!

It’s Christmas in a snow-kissed London, and have vowed to carry out one hundred proposals in December. No easy task at the best of times - made even more complicated by Harry & Suzie trying to plan their first Christmas and a visit from the dreaded in-laws. But one hundred deliciously Christmassy proposals later they find themselves asking if everything is still perfect in their own relationship….

Welcome back to the divinely warm world of One Hundred Proposals – with a sprinkling of pure, joyful, festive magic.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas indeed with Holly Martin’s Christmas novella.

My Review:

Ahhhh what a wonderfully romantic, funny read, perfect for any time if year, but even better with Christmas approaching. I loved it. It had the perfect festive feel to it. Infact I am humming Christmas carols as I am writing this.

If you haven't read One Hundred Proposals yet then I really recommend you do before reading this novella, as it takes up where the first book left off. I love Harry and Suzie. They are a gorgeous couple, so in love and unable to keep their hands off eachother (oh, I remember those days, many moons ago). I will keep this brief as I don't want to spoil the storyline for you.....but we rejoin Harry and Suzie in the lead up to Christmas. They are madly in love and the world looks good. The only frustration appears to be Harrys reluctance to set a date and walk up the aisle, much to Suzie's dismay. Their business is booming, and Harry has come up with an idea to offer a one hundred Christmas proposal service to clients.

As with the first book, we get to hear some of the proposal ideas and they are so beautifully romantic. I would love it to happen to me one day (well a girl can dream can't they!!!). We read about proposals on the Thames, whilst ice skating and other such settings. However the biggest proposal they are working is for a client who really wants to push the boat about and propose on New Year's Eve. It melted my heart reading about the plans, but there could be more to it than meets the eye........

We once again meet Suzie's close friends Jules and Badger. They are still together and very happy. I love these two. They paint a picture of love, but in a more routine day to day way.

We are introduced to Suzie's parents who are flying over from Australia for Christmas and New Year. I would quite willingly have punched her Mum at times in the story. What an obnoxious and rude woman!  The opposite of her husband who is adorable. This also causes a potential problem when they want to see their grandchild. If you didnt know. Jules was married to their son (Suzie's brother) until he passed away a couple of years ago. They had a child together. Badger was their sons close friend and so it's all very complicated. But as a reader I can see how happy they are, and how lovely they are and so want them to be happy. They didnt set out to hurt anyone, and can't help that they fell in love.

Whilst it is obvious that Suzie and Harry are still crazy in love with each other Harry is acting a bit strangely which leads to some tension between the couple. And events occur which will change their relationship forever. There is so much pressure to have a 'perfect' family Christmas Day that I really enjoyed reading about theirs. It sounded wonderful to me. Perhaps I will get curry on Christmas Eve this year and just reheat it and slob out in front of the tv on Christmas Day. I wonder how many that would upset!!!

This is the third time I have picked up work by Holly Martin, and as with the previous two occasions I am not disappointed. It is beautifully written with such thought wnd feeling that comes through and brings the world and the proposals to life. It is filled with love and romance and it is a feel good read. I loved it and felt totally festive after the final page. I could just imagine One Hundred Proposals and this being snapped up and made into a film for the big screen, it would be wonderful viewing, particularly around valentines day.

I also just wanted to mention the is gorgeous! Carina have a knack of coming up with eye catching covers and this one is wonderful.

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  1. Great review, I need to read 100 Proposals first, it sounds fabulous!