Friday, 20 February 2015

Blog Tour: Silent Scream by Angela Marsons

Today I am so pleased to be joined by Angela Marsons, author of Silent Scream which has just been published. There are amazing reviews of the book out and it comes highly recommended by lots of book reviewers. I am half way through the book and absolutely gripped. I cannot wait to share my review with you. 

In the meantime Angela has kindly written about creating Kim Stone who is lead detective in her book. 

Published on 20 February 2015
Published by Bookouture
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Building Kim Stone

I have always been driven to write from a female point of view.  I am particularly drawn to characters that are in some ways damaged.

My earlier novels were character focussed stories that centred on the reasons why these characters were broken and the repercussions of these events and the journey towards healing.

The main character in Silent Scream is Detective Inspector Kim Stone who is no less haunted by the past than my other characters but with one key difference.  No-one knows what will happen if she ever tries to let it go. 

When the character of Kim began to build in my mind I didn't want a protaganist striving to examine the pain or explore her inner demons.  I wanted someone perfectly content to keep it buried within.  Despite the opinions and concern of the people around her, she knows the anger and hurt from the past is the glue that keeps her together.

I knew that with such a horrific past she could never be well rounded, balanced and sweet.  So we settled for driven, passionate, rude and rebellious.  She is not always a likeable character but I think that her defiance is understandable.  She is tenacious and determined to get to the truth.

Her refusal to follow instructions has extended even to me.  There is a scene in Silent Scream where Kim climbs a fence and gains entry into a building.  This was not my initial plan but when writing the scene I just knew it was what Kim would do.

And yet, while not always obvious, there is a warm heart beating in there somewhere.  She is drawn to people with spirit; to individuals that refuse to give up.

In Silent Scream Kim and I have started our journey and even I can't wait to see where that leads.

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting me over, Jill. It was lovely to explore and share Kim's personality and motivation in a bit more detail. Thank you for all your support x