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Tied up with Love by Amelia Thorne

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Published by Carina
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The Blurb:

‘We’re from KMW. Do exactly as you’re told and you won’t get hurt...'

Being grabbed off the street, blind folded, tied up and thrown into a van was not what Izzy expected to happen when she stepped out the door that morning. But when an accidental kidnapping at the hands of the sexy Ethan Chase and his 'Kidnap My Wife' sexual fantasy business leads to just that, Izzy seizes the chance to turn her misfortune into a brilliant new job opportunity…

Since then, life has been one big tangle of new client meetings, fake kidnapping pick-ups, and handling the temperamental, but drop dead gorgeous 'bad boy' Mr Chase. But, as liberating as being tied up in Ethan's life is, Izzy knows the time is fast approaching when she must make some decisions and take charge of her future. The only question is: will Ethan allow himself to be a part of it?

My review

I loved Amelia Thorne's debut novel, Beneath the Moon and the Stars, so have been really looking forward to seeing if she could match it. And the answer is a resounding yes!! Tied up with Love is another smasher that I devoured. Full of romance and action Tied up with Love had me riveted from the start. Funny, compelling, warm sassy and fun characters, Tied up with Love really grabbed me and didnt let me go.

We kick off with quite a bang as the main character Izzy is kidnapped off the street and driven away to a big house. It sounds like a thriller right? Wrong! Izzy has actually been kidnapped by 'KMW' which stands for Kidnap My Wife, a company run by Ethan Chase and his family. The company works with couples looking to spice up their sex lives by indulging in some fantasy scenarios. They have taken Izzy in a case of mistaken identity, and in the kerfuffle afterwards Izzy ends up negotiating to temporarily come and work for the company until she goes off to Australia.

As readers we quickly see a spark of attraction between Izzy and Ethan, but neither of them initially acts on it. Izzy is aware of Ethan's reputation, a long standing feud between the two families, and Ethan's surliness. Whilst Ethan seems very reluctant to even consider having a relationship. This combines to make us readers think that neither of them will act on their attraction...well not for a while anyway!  As the story develops we find out more about their past and what is behind their reluctance. We particularly get to know more about Ethan's past, and as it is revealed it definitely changes my opinion of him.

I loved both the concept and the characters in this book. Kidnap My Wife is a brilliant, very clever and such a funny idea. Having your partner kidnapped in broad daylight and driven to a house where they can recreate fantasies could be viewed as sleazy, but it is written so fantastically that it is really funny. It adds a real feel of humour to the book that I laughed at and really enjoyed. I was drawn to Izzy and really liked her as a person. She has a gat mixture of strength and vulnerability. We see her falling for Ethan bit by bit, and I could feel all the angst that goes with it, as well as enjoying the lighter, and at times sexier moments!!That said I loved Ethan too, particularly as the layers were peeled away. He is a complex creature with a past that has moulded his present. Having two such likeable main characters made the book so easy to get engrossed in. The side characters also play their part and helped develop the storyline and empathy for Izzy and Ethan.

Amelia Thorne has once again shown that she is a rising star. I love her style of writing. Full of humour, emotion, and action, her characters are sassy but with a softer more loveable side too. I was flitting between laughing at a scene one moment, before flipping back to the more serious emotion of wanting to knock their heads together to give them the happy ending I wanted to see. Amelia is very talented in being able to draw readers in and keep them engrossed from start to finish. I am happily singing her praises and recommending her books to my friends.  I am already eagerly waiting for the next of Amelia's fab books.

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