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Cocktails in Chelsea by Nikki Moore

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My Rating: 4 stars - good flirty fun

The Blurb: 

Fun & flirty short story from the exciting new chick lit author Nikki Moore!
Made in Chelsea?
Nathan Black is on a mission to prove himself. His family may be upper class and his cousin Matt might be a famous music producer, but he's going to make it on his own. So as soon as he has enough money set aside, he's quitting his bar-tending job on the King's Road and opening up his own cocktail bar. He hasn't got time for love, and definitely not with the spoilt Chelsea Princesses who flirt with him shamelessly every night. But is there something a bit different about the pretty blonde who's just walked in?
Bournemouth girl Sofia Gold is reluctantly visiting old childhood friends in London for Easter weekend. Keenly aware she's not part of their glamorous world, she's more comfortable riding a surfboard than wearing designer dresses and towering heels… although she's always had a soft spot for cocktails.
It's never really bothered Sofia that she's 'one of the boys,' and that her romantic experiences have been amazingly unspectacular, so when she meets gorgeous Nathan, why does she find herself faking an accent and pretending to be a London socialite? It can't be anything to do with impressing him, can it? After all, she's only in the capital for a few days…
But one impulsive kiss later, they both find themselves wishing for things they didn't know they wanted.

Spring in Chelsea – will love blossom? 

 My Review: 

Cocktails in Chelsea is a short, flirty and fun read. At just 40 pages it is quick enough to devour when you are commuting, or have a short amount of time to escape into another world. 

Sofia is up in London for the weekend to meet up with two old friends, one of whom she really isn't very fond of. They come from very different worlds. Sofia is living in Bournemouth and isn't really into glamour and glitz, unlike the other two who make it their aim to transform Sofia for the weekend.

They glam up and head off to a local bar, much to Sofia's dismay. But then she sets eyes on Nathan, the barman. He is hot hot hot and it became clear really quickly that there was more than a spark between them. But will that spark explode into a full on flame? I can't reveal!!

I enjoyed this latest installment in the #LoveLondon series and Nicki Moore has once again created characters that came to life easily for me. I liked Sofia, she was down to earth and had no interest in being just another girl interested in glamming up and being seen in hotspots. Because I liked her I wanted her to stand up to her friends, and also really go for it with Nathan. This kept me turning the pages to see what would happen. 

I of course liked Nathan. It took me back to my teenage years of watching Tom Cruise in Cocktail and imagining being wooed by a hot barman (it never happened and I'm far too old now!). He was my guilty pleasure in the story and I was willing to see Sofia live out my wish!

Do download this and give it a read to brighten up a boring journey, or to add some spice to a quiet moment.

Thanks to Harperimpulse who kindly provided a copy in return for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks for the review Jill, and posting on Amazon too. Really appreciate your time.

    So glad you enjoyed it.

    Nikki x