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Wellies and Westies by Cressida McLaughlin

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Published by Harpercollins
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The Blurb:

Hilarious, touching and fun, Primrose Terrace will appeal to dog lovers everywhere and fans of Lucy Diamond, Cathy Bramley and Trisha Ashley.

Catherine ‘Cat’ Palmer realises, too late, that bringing an adorable puppy into work at the local nursery was a bad idea, especially after the ensuing chaos gets her the sack.
Determined to turn a negative into a positive, Cat decides this is the perfect opportunity to get her dog-walking business off the ground with the help of her flatmates, Polly and Joe. After all, Primrose Terrace where she lives, is full of home-alone hounds…

My Review:

Wellies & Westies is the first of a four part serialised novel and I am hooked! Welcome to the world of Cat Palmer, and what a fun world I feel it is going to be. As we meet Cat she has taken a puppy in her bag to work at a nursery. Not her best decision when her boss finds out and fires her.

But for Cat is the start of a new potential career as a dog walker. As the business takes off we laugh at her exploits, and meet some of her neighbours in Primrose Terrace. I loved the locals and her flatmate. They brought a really fun, but sentimental element to the series and I reckon they are going to be great fun to follow in the future.

I lay in bed reading this with my Westie, Mr Sniffles lying beside me. He looked up at me strangely as I laughed out loud more than once when reading, and I was able to give him a big cuddle when I had finished. I even contemplated becoming a dog walker like Cat, but between memories of his exploits, and the chaos in the book I may have changed my mind...

Cressida is a great author. I often struggle with serialised novels because it's hard to get to know the characters in small snippets, and I feel left hanging. This isn't the case with Wellies and Westies. Her skilled writing and descriptions made me feel I knew Cat and the gang as soon as I met them. I wanted to move in to Primrose Terrace and join them. I reckon it would be great fun. She has also left me really excited about the second part, Sunshine and Spaniels, which is out on 18 June.

Wellies and Westies is a fabulous read. It will make you laugh and want more, leaving you with a warm smile and happy feeling. It is hard to put down and you are likely to devour it in one sitting and be left wanting the next installment.

Thank you to Harpercollins who kindly provided a copy in return for an honest review.

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