Thursday, 19 November 2015

Uncle Johns Factastic Bathroom Reader by The Bathrom Readers Institute

Published on 16 November 2015
Published by: Printers Row Publishing Group
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The Blurb:

Uncle John got a Factastic facelift for the 28th all-new edition of this beloved book series — now with a classy cloth cover on the outside and a sleek style on the inside! All of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader favorites are packed into these 544 glorious pages – from little-known history to the origins of everyday things—plus odd news, weird fads, quirky quotes, mind-bending science, head-scratching blunders, and all sorts of random oddities. Oh yeah, and thousands of incredible facts! Feel smarter (and a bit more dignified) as you settle into:

• Weird Body Parts of the Rich and Famous
• The Wild Man of Borneo
• Cryptic Movie Titles Explained
• "Pathological Generosity" and Other Real Medical Conditions
• How to Perform CPR on Your Dog
• When Postal Workers Go Rogue
• Start Your Own Country!
• Animals Under the Influence
• Welcome to No Mans Land
• The Mad Potter of Biloxi
• Saved From the Trash: The “Lost Leonardo”
• The Ten Longest Wars in History
• Stomach-churning Food-Safety Mistakes
• You Swallowed What?
• Incredible Stories of Survival
• The Case of the Stolen Bridge and Other Weird Crime Reports

And much, much more!

My Review:

I love learning random facts ands so books like this are right up my street. And boy is this one packed with information! It is literally hours worth of reading, much of which will either make you smile, or have you silently exclaiming 'oh wow, I never knew that!'.

The book is marketed as a bathroom reader, and quite hilariously the facts and stories are a mixed bag of short snappy ones, medium length ones, and long stories for ahem, longer visits!

I read this book on kindle and the only criticism I had was that you couldnt choose whether you wanted to jump to the short facts, or indulge in the longer ones, so it was all a bit of a lucky dip as to what came next.

That said, I really enjoyed learning some fascinating new things I can now share with others. My Dad is a big general knowledge person and always zooms to know facts about random things. Last night I was able to get my own back thanks to this book. When watching a programme about The Beatles I was able to tell him how their Sargent Pepper album was the first ever album to feature lyrics printed on it....aha, the tables are starting to turn I can say with a wry smile on my face!

The only other thing I would point out to UK readers is that there is a lot of US based facts and stories. Whilst I found some of them interesting I did also find myself flicking past some that didn't grab my interest.

This is a fun idea which will certainly leave you wiser and entertained,

Thank you to Printers Row Publishing Group who provided a copy in return for an honest review.

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