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Blog Tour - My Dream Cast for A Miracle at Macy's by Lynn Marie Hulsman

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I am delighted to be joined on my blog by Lyun Marie Hulsman, author of A Miracle at Macy's. I dont know about you, but when reading I spend alot of time trying to visualise who the characters resemble. Lynn Marie has shared with us who she dreams would play the characters in her new book if it hit Hollywood!

Have you read A Miracle at Macy's? We'd love to hear who would play your leading characters!

My Dream Cast for A Miracle at Macy’s

I think every author dreams of having her novels turned into Hollywood movies. I’ll freely admit that I do, and want to take this opportunity to shamelessly call attention to the fact that my latest, A Miracle at Macy’s, has everything it would take to be the Next Big Blockbuster Chick Flick: Romance, dogs, New York City, Christmas, fancy hotels, a world-famous department store. And once that happens, it could also go to Broadway, and feature a sweeping orchestral music score, with Santa’s sleigh flown in by Foy a la the helicopter in Miss Saigon. It could happen. If you’re going to dream big, you may as well go all the way, am I right?

As long as I’m dreaming big, allow me to suggest some casting to the director and my future partner in filmmaking. (I hope you’re listening Richard Curtis, or Tina Fey, or Paul Feig, or Lynn Shelton). Believe me, I’ve thought this through carefully and I see no reason why these actors would hesitate to sign on to embody the characters who have been written for them… literally. By me. Really, for them. Pro tip to you directors: Tell them that. I think it’ll seal the deal. And promise them specific-colored M&Ms in their trailers. I’ve heard actors like that.

Without further adieu, here are the people you should get on the horn to, and quick. Apparently top-name actors like to “plan” their “schedules” in “advance.” We don’t want to wind up shooting this thing with a handful of D-listers fresh from tired reality shows, or NYU students whose parents wanted them to go into finance but instead they’re doing a lot of improv guerrilla theater in DUMBO. We need names, people! Surely I’m not the only one here willing to get this off the ground, and give 110%, am I? Good. Because here goes:

In the role of Charlotte Bell: Kristen Wiig 

Kristen Wiig is a kooky as she is sincere. You don’t doubt that she leaves the house with spaghetti sauce on the front of her blouse. She’s not afraid to cry ugly. She’s today’s Meg Ryan, but with an edge. You wouldn’t be surprised to learn she was wearing bathing-suit bottoms as underwear on laundry day. Anyone could imagine her as a relative at Christmas dinner, though you’d be hard-pressed to say if she would be the relative who brought the Zabar’s cheesecake or the lentil-and-buckwheat salad. She’s a pretty mess, and we love her for it. I wish Kristen Wiig were my best friend. Maybe once we get this thing greenlighted, she and I will start hanging out. I can give her insight into Charlotte’s character while we get our nails done, and drink extra-hot Grande Mistos, because she will hate lukewarm coffee as much as I do. Try not to get annoyed when we’re giggling onset while sitting in our matching director’s chairs and you’re trying to shoot a quiet scene. We really can’t help it, because we’re sisters from another mister, and we really “get” each other.

Definitely Kristen Wiig. Can you please, please, please call her now? Like, right now? Because if you don’t, we might end up with that NYU grad student, and I’ll bet she’ll be a diva who’ll want to stay in her trailer so she won’t break character. I hate that. Kristen would never do that.

In the role of Henry Wentworth: Tom Mison

Because Oh Sweet Mother of All That Is Good and Holy would you please look at that photo? Has there ever been a more iconic example of an uptight Englishman whose shell you want to crack than this… gorgeous… specimen. I have to tell you, while I was writing A Miracle at Macy’s, I kept this photo open on my desktop and sometimes I’d jut go into a stupor during which I didn’t blink, and I think my heart rate reduced dramatically like those monks high in the Himalayan mountains who basically live on air and blend in so well with their environment that butterflies would land on them. That’s what this guy does to me.

And have you seen him on Sleepy Hollow? Oh, if he Ichabod-Craned himself into my living room through a fluke of time travel/a hole in the fabric of the universe,  I too would insist that he continue to wear tight high-cut breeches and waistcoats and frilly blouses, and I would never, ever tell him about The Gap or H&M or Banana Republic. Because tight high-cut breeches and waistcoats and frilly blouses. And I’d make him talk all the time. On top of his fussy, plummy English accent (which is catnip to us American girls), the tone of his voice is like warm melted caramel. No, warm salted melted caramel.

Just trust me and call him. Every female, and I suspect a good many males, ages 13 to 90 will buy tickets just to see Tom Mison on screen and listen to him talk in Dolby Surround Sound or whatever is the latest version of that. And get a really, really good tailor. We’re going to costume him from The Macy’s Collection, but you know… tight. And breeches-y.

In the role of Aunt Miranda: Meryl Streep

Because duh.

And in the role of Hudson: A Shelter Dog

I’m not sending a photo, because we’ll know him when we see him.

All dogs are good dogs. That’s a fact. The dog that plays Hudson has to be every dog to everybody. There’s something magic in Hudson that speaks silently to everyone he touches. Our canine start has to embody that. Getting a shelter dog full of heart is the only answer. It’s what The Goodspeed Opera House did when they rescued and trained the mutt who played Sandy in Annie, who was one day away from being put to sleep. That little mixed-breed eventually made it big on Broadway, living to the ripe old age of 16, beloved of millions. How will we know which one? We’ll just know. He’ll make himself known. As it says in bright golden lights on the side of Macy’s every Christmas season: Believe.

And as soon as you make those other calls, call my agent. She wants to talk to you about my Executive Producer credit.

Kiss kiss! Love you to pieces! Talk soon…

Lynn Marie Hulsman Biography

Lynn Marie Hulsman is the bestselling author of three romantic comedies, who also writes cookbooks. She enjoys Nora Ephron movies, pop psychology, terriers, and napping. She is not a fan of people walking three abreast on New York City sidewalks or spiders of any ilk. She does not believe in white chocolate.

Once a stand-up comic, and now a PTA mom and corporate ideation agent, she spends a lot of energy keeping her wise-cracks to herself. 

Find out more about Lynn Marie by following her on Twitter and Facebook, and by visiting her website. She's on Pinterest, but accepts defeat in the face of true crafty types.

Don't be shy about reaching out to say hi -- as a Black Belt Procrastinator, she welcomes the distraction.

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