Friday, 4 March 2016

How to Get Hitched in Ten Days by Samantha Tonge

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Published by Carina UK
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The Blurb:


Meet Mikey, every girl’s best friend – he bakes the creamiest cheesecake, loves movie nights and is a great dance partner.

For Jasmine, Mikey is the perfect flatmate – he owns a 50s diner that turns out the best food around, gives the best bear hugs and amazing romance advice – after all they’re scoping out the same hot guys! So when her boyfriend proposes in the worst possible way, Jazz knows her best friend will be there to pick up the pieces with gourmet popcorn, Pinot sleepovers and a shoulder to lean on.

But Mikey isn’t about to let Jasmine give up on love, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to mend her broken heart – even if it means helping the one person who sees him as the enemy…

Because at the end of the day, all’s fair in the pursuit of true love… right?

My Review:

What a fab novella this is! It made me laugh, and I loved the characters, so I flew through it, infact I would have liked it to be even longer!

The storyline is basically like this: boy loves girl, boy proposes in a terrible fashion, girl freaks out and starts to re-evaluate everything, boy wants to win her back, and best friend to the rescue for the both of them.

The beauty of the book is the characters and how well they are written. Our leading lady is Jasmine who I did really like. She is obviously thrown by events, which prompts a chain or reviewing her life. I'm sure most of us have gone through that moment of trying to decide what you really want, and which path to follow.

But the star of the show for me is her best friend, and flatmate, Mikey. Mikey is the perfect person to hang out with. He will always have your back and I imagine you would just have the best fun with him. But there is more to him than first meets the eye. It seems that there is no love lost between him and Jasmine's boyfriend, so surely Mikey should be delighted that they are on the rocks.....but like a true friend, he puts his own feelings aside, and starts to help her boyfriend in his plot to win her back.

Oh and I didnt guess the ending which had me oohing!

This is a well written novella, which is fast paced, fun, and with fabulous characters that I enjoyed getting to know. My only complaint is that I wanted it to be longer as I was having a great time reading about them. This is the second story I have read by Samantha, and it has definitely whetted my appetite to read more of her work. A mix of humour, drama, and romance is always a winner in my book!

Thank you to Carina UK who kindly provided a copy in return for an honest review.

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