Thursday, 23 April 2015

Blog Tour: Girls on Tour by Nicola Doherty

Happy publication day to Nicola Doherty whose great book Girls on Tour is released in Paperback today. I have been lucky enough to read it and I can honestly say that I absolutely loved it! Even the cover is gorgeous! It is a book of fun, laughs, emotion and girls doing what girls do best....having fun!

You can read my review here and you can purchase from Amazon here

The book tells the story of four girls who venture off to five gorgeous locations. Each of the characters are brilliant in their own way. I am delighted that Nicola has written a piece for my blog today introducing us to Rachel. I loved Rachel and her exploits in Rome. I can definitely see some of her characteristics in myself, and I wonder if you will too?? Have a read and see for yourself.

Welcome to the world of Rachel by Nicola Doherty

I am really fond of Rachel … and not just because she’s Irish like me! Rachel is a lawyer, very driven and hard-working. While on holiday in Rome with Maggie and Lily, she wants to fit in as many sights as possible, while the others want to kick back and relax. Luckily, she doesn’t take this personally and can see the funny side. Rachel felt like a geek in school, and a part of her still wants to be considered ‘cool’ – whatever that means. She has even more baggage in the shape of her ex Jay, who still has some power over her despite her new romance with Oliver.  She’s the only one of the girls who never gets hangovers; nobody knows why.

Here’s a quick Guide to Rachel:

Age: 28

Occupation: Corporate lawyer

Lives: In a studio flat on Finchley Road in West Hampstead

Likes: Having a plan, politics and current affairs, ironing while watching Sky News, having a drink (or three)

Dislikes: Uncertainty when it comes to romance

Guilty pleasure: Watching Katherine Heigl films in her tracksuit bottoms

Greatest fear: Being dumped

Romantic history: Various ‘cruel millionaires’, then a nightmare called Jay

Go-to karaoke song: ‘It’s Raining Men’

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