Thursday, 27 February 2014

How To Get A (Love) Life by Rosie Blake

Some people book last-minute holidays, walk barefoot in the grass or party on a week night. Not Nicola Brown. Nicola is the kind of girl who double-locks the front door, leaves the plastic covering on new furniture, sticks to a super-strict diet and definitely, absolutely Does Not Date.

Her colleague Caroline – loopy, warm and exasperated by her, knows that Nicola’s reluctance to lose control means she’s living only half a life. And so she lays down the gauntlet: Nicola must cast aside her hang ups and go on as many dates as it takes to find true love in time for Valentine’s Day.

The pick of local men is, quite frankly, a bit rubbish. And there are only three months until February 14th. Surely it’s an impossible task? But, as Nicola is about to find out on her dodgy dates, letting go isn’t quite as scary as she imagined. In fact, it’s rather a lot of fun…

I was eagerly awaiting the chance to read this book and wasn't disappointed. It is a fun, easy read that will make you smirk and laugh out loud on many occasions. Nicola's dating exploits are hilarious and I spent my time cringing at some of the men she met whilst wondering how lucky I have been to avoid situations like that myself.

Get a good bottle of wine and some chocolate, put your feet up and escape into the hilarious world of Nicola and her dating. I would love to share all the details with you, but that would ruin the fun when you read it yourself.

The book left me feeling all happy, and smiling for the rest of the day. I hope you will feel the same.

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