Monday, 10 March 2014

No more book purchases until Easter

Happy Monday!

A fellow tweeter and blogger @fabulousbookfiend came up with a great idea over the weekend, to give up buying books (paper or ebook form) for lent. Yes, I know lent started last week, but it's never too late. I love the idea and have decided to join her in a self imposed ban.

It is going to be tough as I am addicted to Amazon and anyone that knows me will know that I am often found browsing (and far too often purchasing). But I need to save money and I have just had a reslity check that I have over 1300 books already on my kindle along with well over 100 paper books to get through.

If I read just one book a week (although I often read alot more than that) that is still over 26 years of reading material in my possession. This ban is definitely needed!!!!!

I have recently started reviewing books and will still receive these and continue to review. I may also continue to peruse the free titles on Amazon, I am not sure I can go totally cold turkey! I just need to cut back on some unnecessary spending.

Lets see how long I can last for! If anyone else would like to join in let us know.

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