Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Thirteen by Tom Hoyle

The Blurb:

Born at midnight in London, on the stroke of the new millennium, Adam is the target of a cult that believes boys born on this date must die before the end of their thirteenth year. Twelve boys have been killed so far. Coron, the crazy cult leader, will stop at nothing to bring in his new kingdom. And now he is planning a bombing spectacular across London to celebrate the sacrifice of his final victim: Adam.
My review:

Since reading The Hunger Games I have become more open to reading and enjoying books aimed at young adults. I did really enjoy Thirteen, particularly the first third of the book. We meet Adam who is born on the turn of the new millennium.  A cult, led by Coron set out to find and sacrifice Adam before his fourteenth birthday. The first third of the book is very dark and I found some of the scenes quite graphically violent. It is quite a serious and dark read at bedtime and I would definitely say to parent ps to think about the age group that this is appropriate for.

The middle of the book didn't grip me as much, but that is probably indictable of the fact it is written for young adults. We do get to see more of Adam's friendship with Megan, and there are some surprises when we discover some if the unlikely cult members.  The level of violence dropped and it became more about the chase and build up to Adam's fourteenth birthday. However the book recovered for me towards the end and I found myself gripped and not able to put it down until I knew what happened.

The author has a sequel planned and I will be looking out for it. 

This book was kindly supplied by Pan Macmillan in return for an honest review.

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