Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Three Of Us by Cathy Woodman

The blurb:

Tessa and Jack live at the animal sanctuary in Talyton St George. They had been friends for years, but it wasn't until Jack interrupted Tessa's wedding that she discovered his feelings for her were stronger than she ever knew.
Now, a year on, they could not be happier. And when Tessa discovers she's pregnant, it's as if all their dreams have come true.
But a scan shows that there are complications, and suddenly Tessa realises that Jack has always had doubts about having a baby. Supported throughout by Zara, the village midwife, Tessa and Jack have some tough decisions to make. 
However, as the baby's birth draws closer, Tessa and Jack grow further apart. Will he feel differently when the baby is born? Or will having her wonderful child mean losing the man of her dreams?

My review

The Three Of Us is a short story. It centres around Jack and Tessa who are married and expecting their first child. The pregnancy develops some serious complications which divide Tessa and Jack in a big way. You also meet Tessa's parents and Zara the midwife. As part of a small village community it is, as you would expect, hard to keep anything secret and you meet some of the typical characters you would meet n a real village, such as the local gossip. You get a sense of community and closeness through the writing. 

I haven't read anything by Cathy Woodman before, and know that the characters have also feathered in earlier work so was unsure whether I would be able to follow and engage with the book. However this hasn't been a problem and the story works well as a stand alone. 

When complications with the pregnancy arise there are some very moving scenes which really tapped into my emotions. I felt angry, sad and frustrated with Jack and could sense myself wanting to take care of Tessa, whilst also feeling sorry for Jack, even though I hadn't read any previous books. There are a few twists and turns they keep you wondering if it will all turn out well...and I don't want to give anything away!

I don't usually like short stories but this was really good, and a nice quick read.

Thanks to Random House, Cornerstone for the e-book in return for an honest review. 

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