Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Geeks go Greek by Aimee Duffy

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Published by Harperimpulse
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The Blurb:

Part 4 of Summer Flings - a fun, flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short stories.

Who needs fun when you can chill out in a stunning villa in Santorini all week and be pampered in every way possible? Ciara does.

After an unfortunate wardrobe faux par, challenging her friends to jet ski racing, and hooking up with an unexpected visitor, Ciara's all about sex on the beach... the yacht... in the sea - wherever and whenever really! And she's not alone. It's the perfect fling in theory, but what happens when their Greek adventure comes to an end?

The ideal summer treat for those relaxing days soaking up the sun!

My Review:

Another great adventure with the girls, this time to Santorini in Greece. And phew, what a scorcher, and I don't just mean the temperature!! Things certainly get hot and steamy between Ciara and Zack, and we get alot more detail about just how steamy!!!

I know I say if each time, but I am really enjoying this series. It is written so well and the characters are just brilliant. If you haven't started them yet, then you really should. They make for perfect summer reading, and are great fun. I am not usually a fan of serialised books, but to me, the fact that each part is released quickly, and the exploits of the girls are so well written and so fun, has me totally hooked.

Geeks go Greek features quite heavily on the growing relationship between Ciara and Zack, and as I mentioned earlier, it is by far the steamiest part so far. That said it is still plainly obvious that there is a cute, romantic side to them too.

The trip to Santorini also involves Gem becoming interested in a guy which the others are convinced is gay.....will she seduce him or are the others right? Have a read and find out ;-)

I am really growing to like Elle more and more. At first I thought she was going to be rich, spoilt and precocious, but with each trip has begins to show her softer, more caring side. I loved that she secretly arranged for Zack to come over to Greece for Ciara.

Roll on Ibiza......

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