Friday, 8 August 2014

New Day by Emma Gibbens

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Published by Emma Gibbens
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The Blurb:

So I have decided to write a diary! I do this every year and get to about the third week and then give up, but not this time. I am going to see it through for a whole year!
I have had the worst ever journey getting to work, first I got up late (getting from the south coast to London is going to be a nightmare now at the time I get going). Secondly, the shirt I was going to wear today had a bloody stain on it so I did the worst thing possible and fished out yesterday’s shirt from the wash bin (bit damp smelling but a bit of spray will mask that). Thirdly, this meeting has to go well as I need to hit my sales target. Sat waiting in this dark tiny waiting area that has no windows, pretty grim really, for my customer to have a meeting on a hot August day. I decide today’s the day, so here goes.......

My Review:

I heard about this novella from twitter when someone recommended it to me. New Day tells the story of Jane who decides she is going to write a diary and we as readers follow her story over a year, told in the format of diary entries. Jane works a mundane job, like many of us, but dreams of writing her own book. She lives with her boyfriend Graham who is fitness obsessed and would love to settle down with him. The diary charts what happens over the year and some of the highlights.

At only 75 pages it is a great quick read and it would be hard to tell you too much about the storyline without giving lots of it away and taking away the surprises and fun for you too.

From the start I was laughing and found myself recognising familiar situations she has encountered that I have also been in or witnessed. The story is full of anecdotes and little tales of things she encounters which amused me, such as the mother whose child is throwing a tantrum as they want McDonalds, only to be told by their Mum that if they don't move they will be having Smack Donald's. Or Jane's attempts at getting fitter (it definitely appeals to my sense of humour).

At first I found myself enjoying the anecdotes without warming to Jane, but as the story went on that changed for me.  I liked following her relationship develop with Graham. I wasn't sure whether I liked him or not and I don't want to give away the story or ending, but :-)

 As a reader I really liked the way that the story is told in diary format. I found it made it snappier and enabled the author to move the story on quickly. I enjoyed Emma's writing style. I found it warm and engaging, as well as funny, and at times touching.

I loved the last line of the story which read: Book to follow..............

I am looking forward to it!!

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  1. Sounds a really good read! Thank you Jill xx