Saturday, 16 August 2014

Happy Mail - need cheering up?

Hey all

Hope everyone is well and enjoying a nice weekend, whatever you are doing!

As some of you will know, I have been a bit unlucky with my health over the last year, and have spent the majority of it in bed staring at the same walls day in and day out. When I was fortunate to be working, and running round like the proverbial blue arse fly I used to dream of a few days I bed doing I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!!

So, in short life has been pretty miserable, and I know I have been very miserable to be around!!

One of the biggest discoveries for me has been the power of social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. When you are socially excluded it can feel very isolating. Whilst I would much rather be outside in the 'real world' I feel really lucky to be able to keep in contact with friends via Facebook. I have also discovered an amazing network of people via Twitter. If it wasnt for Twitter I wouldnt have this blog, have 'met' other people with chronic illness, or had the same form of escapism and interaction that this allows me. I will be forever thankful for such great people who without realising it put a smile on my face each day.

One of fhe things I never really considered when well was just how much we are all fighting our own personal battles, and no ones is less or more important than the others, they are just different.

I have also been touched, like many by the sad loss of Robin Williams this week. I feel very fortunate never to have suffered from depression, but have seen people I love and respect battle it. Mental health is still too stigmatised in my opinion, and it takes a strong person to battle it every day, often alone with no help or support.

A couple of weeks ago the postman came to the door with the most beautiful envelope addressed to me. When I opened it there was a gorgeous postcard with a beautiful message to me, and a bookmark. It was a total surprise and I cannot begin to tell you just how much it cheered me up and made me smile.

The idea is from Suzanne, aka Librarian Lavender @lavenderlibrary on Twitter. She calls it 'happy mail' and sends them out to people who need a little smile in their life.

I also adore Rowan Coleman, aka @rowancoleman on Twitter, who is an amazing author. She has challenged herself to write 52 letters to other people and they are quite simply astonishingly beautiful and often move me to tears when reading them. I would urge you to read them as they are very humbling.

Knowing the value of these small acts of kindness I have asked Suzaane if I can also use the idea, and she has kindly said yes.

So, rather than sit on my increasingly fat arse each day wallowing I want to send out some happy mail. One of the big issues is that I don't have a creative bone in my body, so this could all be a disaster....but what the hell, I like a challenge!!!! I have bought some crafty stuff which I will be getting this week.

I would love to send out some happy mail. Ideally I would do it as a surprise, but not having addresses makes it hard!!! If you, or someone you know could do with cheering up please send me a DM or PM via Facebook or Twitter, or email me

Hope this doesn't sound totally bonkers, its only a small gesture, but it would make me so happy to think that I could do a little something to make someone smile.

Take care all



  1. Lovely idea and I will join you. Think I will direct message people for addresses but not say when it will happen x I have a few from postcards I sent.

  2. Lovely post Jill, I also have had my world turned upside down this year; so completely understand where you are coming from. Having 'a day off' is something I would never wish for anymore!

    I love the idea of Happy Mail and have been fortunate enough to have received some from Suzanne.

    I do hope things are beginning to look up for you, and I would love to hear about how your happy mail goes.

    Take care

  3. Such a lovely post, I really like it that you're sending Happy Mail as well :) xx