Thursday, 19 January 2017

All Fall Down by Tom Bale

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You tried to save a life. Now you’re fighting to save your own.

It should have been an idyllic day for the Turner family – until a dying man, beaten beyond all recognition, arrives at their home, uttering the words, HELP ME.

Rob and Wendy Turner and their children try to explain away the horrific scene as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but in the days that follow their lives are threatened in ways they could never imagine.

The family is unaware that they are being watched by someone with their own terrifying agenda, who will stop at nothing to fulfil their own twisted desires.

But when hidden secrets come rushing to the surface, it’s clear not everything is as it seems in this happy family. Are the Turners a victim of circumstance – or does the key to their fate lie closer to home?

Forced to fight for everything they hold dear, can they save themselves before time runs out – or will their act of compassion see them paying the ultimate price…?

A heart-stopping, shocking and tense thriller that will keep you guessing to the very last page.

My thoughts:

If you are a fan of an edge of your seat thriller then Tom Bale has to be on your reading list. This is the second book I’ve read by Tom and once again I found myself entranced by a fast paced tense read that had me in its grips right until the end.

Right from the outset we are thrust into the action as the Turner family, who are enjoying a fun day in their back garden, minding their own business – that is until a seriously injured man finds his way in and turns their lives upside down. And so begins the nightmare.

Ever felt like you are being watched? Do you ever really know anyone? What really goes on behind closed doors? I found myself grabbing the rope that the author chucks out at the starting and clinging on as the plot deepened and darkened and took twists and turns. Once again Tom has used short chapters that allow us to flit between scenes quickly, and always appeal to me as a page turner.

I have seen and heard people say that the plot is implausible or unrealistic, but hello, it is fiction, it is escapism, and of course it won’t run step by step as a real life scenario, however, set yourself free and allow yourself to enter into a thrilling world of nastiness and you will lap it up. Well I certainly did!

Skillfully written, with lots of descriptive writing, strong characters and the stuff of nightmares, this thriller was great and I couldn’t put it down, and I am looking forward to Tom’s next offering.

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