Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton

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Published by Transworld

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What is it about?

Famous killers have fan clubs.

Hamish Wolfe is no different. Locked up for the rest of his life for the abduction and murder of three young women, he gets countless adoring letters every day. He's handsome, charismatic and very persuasive. His admirers are convinced he's innocent, and that he's the man of their dreams.

Who would join such a club?

Maggie Rose is different. Reclusive and enigmatic; a successful lawyer and bestselling true-crime writer, she only takes on cases that she can win.
Hamish wants her as his lawyer, he wants her to change his fate. She thinks she's immune to the charms of a man like this. But maybe not this time . . .

Would you?

What did I think of it?

Ooh ooh ooh what a fantastic book this is! I cannot rave highly enough about it. The plot is superb and something that always intrigued me. What would possess anyone to befriend and write to a prisoner – particularly one that has committed serious crimes like Hamish in this book who is a convicted serial killer?

The thing is that Hamish maintains his innocence and asks ex-lawyer and crime writer Maggie Rose to take on his case. At first she has no interest as she doesn’t believe he could possibly be innocent, but when the detective responsible for his conviction appears and urges Maggie Rose not to get involved it has the opposite effect, and she begins to speak with Hamish. It’s not long before Hamish is getting into her head. But what else is happening that un-nerves Maggie making her wonder about Hamish’s guilt, and also fearful for her safety.

With twists and turns, the plot is dark and uncertain which left me on the edge of my seat. Even better, we don’t just hear the authors narrative, we also see letters and reports from different bodies and authorities which make it at times feel a bit more like a non-fiction book about a serial killer.

I loved this book and have been telling readers who like thrillers to get this on their to read list. I want to tell you so much more but am fearful of giving something away that might ruin it for future readers.

This is the first book I have read by Sharon Bolton but it certainly won’t be my last. I have heard great things about her Lacey Flint series and after lapping this book up they have been downloaded on to my Kindle and close to the top of my list of books to get stuck into.

I don’t feel like I am really doing this book justice in this review because to do so would reveal bits of the plot and risk spoiling what is a fascinating and edge of your seat thriller. But trust me when I say, you need to read this book. It is fast paced, entrancing and dark, with twists and scenes that will make you wonder just what is going on and who you can trust.  

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