Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Dream Team by Eva Jordan

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Published by Endeavour Press

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What’s it all about?

Everyone’s got a dream…

Ramona Rae is starting a new job.

She’s good at starting jobs - as she’s done it over fourteen times, maybe more…

She’d stop counting a long time ago.

But this time, she’s convinced that her new job as a file clerk will work out.

Only Ramona is harbouring a secret dream and deep down she knows she will only ever be happy if she is a writer.

When she meets Sam on her first day and he sees her scribbling in a journal, he invites Ramona to a meeting after work.

And that is the day she became a member of the Dream Team – a group of people who get together to support each other’s dreams.

Sam and Kumal want to be professional musicians, while Paige wants to get married and have a family.

When Ramona finally admits that she wants to be a writer, they challenge her to write a chapter every week.

The weeks go by, and Ramona soon finds herself writing more and more.

She’s never been so happy in her life.

But things take a turn for the worse when she suddenly finds herself declaring her love for someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

And then things start to get complicated…

The Dream Team is a heart-warming tale about facing your fears and never giving up on your dreams.

What did I think?

Aww I really enjoyed this novella. At just 79 pages this is short and sweet, but well worth a read. Perhaps if you are commuting, or have some time free and want a bit of escapism…then this is perfect!

Ramona is a great lead character. She flits from job to job never settles into anything. Her life is also lacking romance and fun. She has just landed a job working in a hospital records department in a role that she imagines will be so boring it will never last. Then she meets her colleagues, and as she gets to know them they invite her to join their after work club ‘The Dream Team.’

Ramona has always yearned to be a writer but no-one encourages her, and she has little confidence that she can make her dream come true. But once she shares her ambition with the dream team they actively encourage her to follow her dreams. But will it work and will It help her find happiness?

This book is a fab story that has a clear and lovely message about never saying never, and to go for what you want. It is great as a January read when we are setting new targets for ourselves, and often find ourselves re-evaluating our lives. I loved Ramona and could imagine this little limp flower who with some nurturing and encouragement starts to bloom.

Of course it is not all plain sailing, and there are complications along the way that threatens to throw a spanner in the works. But that is always part of the fun for me. Who wants to read about everything going smoothly all the time? I like a bit of drama and what if.

I devoured this novella and the only criticism I would have is that because it was short it was all packed so tightly it was over too quickly. I would love to have seen more of Ramona and her friends. I would love to see her character develop and appear again in the future.

A feel good, warm, fun read that urges you to take chances and never give up I will be looking out to read more of Eva Jordan’s work.

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