Monday, 9 January 2017

Laughter really is the best medicine - Impractical Jokers on tour

Hi there

Happy Monday!! Ok, so it's the first Monday back at work after christmas, in the UK its kinda cold and damp, and the tubes are on strike in London, but nothing will stop me smiling today.

Last night I did something that I have been dreaming of doing for the last 3 years. I got to see The Impractical Jokers aka The Tenderloins live at the O2 arena.

Some of you may know that I have had somewhat of a battle with M.E. over the last 3 years, spending over 2 years of it in bed, often in darkness  and silence, and became totally isolated and incredibly lonely.

But one evening I was flicking and came across 4 of the funniest men I have ever seen on tv, simply playing pranks and punishing each other. I laughed until tears streamed down my face. I admit I became a bit obsessed. These guys finally helped me to laugh again. I would watch episodes over and over and they gave me a boost.

Then last year they came to the UK. I was desperate to see them, and realising that I was too ill to leave the house, let alone sit in a crowd and be in loud noise crushed me. I am usually a hard person, but I cried that night, and vowed that I WOULD be there if they ever came back.

Fast forward to April last year and dates were announced for January this year at the O2 arena. I sat there shaking with excitement as I secured tickets. But I was scared. I was still unable to get dressed, leave the house, or do anything 'normal'. But that day I promised myself I would do it. Come hell or high water.....

Guess what..........

I DID IT!!!! Last night I made my way to the O2 arena. I was so scared as I haven't been in a big crowd, been surrounded by lots of lights and noise, and had to walk far. But as I arrived at the venue I couldn't help but smile. I found my way to my seat, still nervous. What would it be like? Could I cope with it?

But then the warm up act Owen Benjamin appeared, and the laughter began. He is just so funny that I forgot about my fears, relaxed and began to laugh......something I didn't stop doing until after 10pm.

When at 8.43pm Sal, Joe, Murr and Q took to the stage, it was a real spine tingling moment in my life. I sat there with a tear in my eye and couldn't quite believe that I had done it. Even if I only lasted 5 minutes into the show. I was there.

But 1 hour 20 minutes on I had forgotten about the time, transported into a world of laughter, smiles and an evening in the company of 4 of the funniest men around. I stood there cheering and clapping at the end and felt almost overwhelmed by emotion. These men that I have never met or spoken to, who I only know through a screen and a tv show from the states had helped me so much. They have given me the strength, courage and belief that I could overcome my illness, and most of all, given me laughter and memories that will last a life time.  I would have loved to have had someone by my side to share my excitement, but I was ok being there on my own, and no-one really shares my humour anyway :-)

Today I am exhausted, but nothing will bring me down from this high.

They will never read this or know what they have done. But from the bottom of my heart, thank you boys. You have given me dreams, goals and the belief that I can get better. But above all, you gave me the gift of laughter back in to my life. I will always be eternally grateful.

Whoever said laugher is the best medicine was spot on!!

Owen Benjamin - thank you for being there as the warm up, and relaxing me. You made me laugh so much I have booked a ticket to see you again in London later this month. (yes, another night out).

Q, Murr, Sal and Joe - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

To everyone - never say never. If you want something enough you can make it happen.

Roll on October and my hopefully next live experience.

Jill xx


  1. You've just bought a tear to my eye. well done you !! They are so funny aren't they. They make me cry with laughter. Hope you go from strength to strength. I bet you carnt wait till October. I went to Manchester show was amazing ttake care and I loved your blog x

  2. Laughter is the best medicine! Stay strong one comedy show at a time. 🤗

  3. I've battled with M.E. for 10 years. It's a struggle. I saw these guys in Birmingham last Friday. It reminds me that laughter really is for the best and it was only when I remembered how to laugh and smile that I started to feel better. What you did is such a huge accomplishment! And to do it on your own? It's something to be admired. X

  4. Hi Jill, I know exactly how you feel. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and (thankfully) seem to be doing well with the treatment but I was gutted I couldn't make it to this tour. I'm determined to go to one of the October shows though, so if you need someone to go with! I hope you are coping well with your ME as well xx

  5. I also have ME and managed to get to them at the O2 on Saturday and it really was amazing and yes I needed the next day to rest, but it was SO worth it. I haven't felt that happy for a long time. BTW, I've read this via the fact that Q shared it - so wooop bonus there :D